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Pursuit Management

When it comes to Hollywood, we’ve been there, done that. Produced tv series and movies. Premiered them at festivals. Sold them at markets. Honored them at awards shows. And celebrated them at parties. A lot of parties.

Along the way, we discovered a talent for finding out about the fanfare in and around these events. How to get exclusive access. How to organize logistics. And how to survive without becoming a wreck.

Eventually, when friends and colleagues found themselves attending the same events, they asked for help. And we guided them. Documentary producers nominated for their first Oscar. Late-night hosts working on their first awards show. The entire crew of the little indie that made it all the way to Best Picture. Filmmakers fighting (and winning!) visa restrictions to attend the Academy Awards. Cannes yachts. Moscow press conferences. Festival parties. A million crazy, magical moments that, even if the film or show didn’t win, made for incredible memories, for everyone.  

It’s the power of these moments that drives us to now share our skills and knowledge more formally with anyone lucky enough to traverse the same path. We know not every nominee is George Clooney. Some are in debt from their art. Some are Hollywood newbies. Some don’t even speak English. We understand, and want to help, wherever you come from, wherever you may be headed. Because, whether you’re prepared or not, you have arrived at the moment you've been pursuing, the moment that dreams are made of.


We want your moment to be glorious. We’ll deal with the rest.


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