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The nomination is just the beginning...

Are you an above-the-line crew or cast member*? Have you or your movie been nominated for a major industry award? Or maybe you’ve been invited to a top international film festival?

Congratulations! You’re about to embark upon a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Hopefully, the distributor’s publicist is taking care of the film throughout the season. But who’s taking care of YOU?

Don’t let the opportunity come and go without knowing you made the most of it. We provide strategic counsel and consulting to help you on your journey. A journey that may include:

  • Parties: From Elton John and Vanity Fair to the after-parties and after-after parties.

  • Gifting suites: Duffel bags of gifted goodies, from free trips to spa treatments.

  • Designers: Gowns, tuxes, jewelry, shoes, and everything else you might need for the biggest red carpet events.

  • Photography: Capturing candids and behind-the-scenes moments for your social media or private use.

...and so much more. The nomination or invitation is just the beginning. With industry access to, and expertise regarding, ultra-exclusive awards hoopla, we can customize a plan to manage the overwhelm that can follow, whether it’s ushering you down the red carpet, getting you on the guest lists, or simply keeping you organized throughout the process. So that, after all the time you've spent pursuing your dreams, your time now in the spotlight is truly your time to shine.

*Credited Titles Serviced: Producer/Co-Producer/Executive Producer | Director | Writer | Actor | Production Designer | Costume Designer | Editor | Composer

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